How to write a cracking good recruitment advertisement

First edited & published by the Recruitment Marketing Magazine in Australia. You’ve got a new opportunity in your organisation and you’re looking to attract great candidates. How can you prevent top talent from skipping over your advertisement or being turned off by your layout or copy? Follow these effective strategies to craft an effective, attention-grabbing recruitment [...]

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How office chat groups affect our lives

Results of a broad survey on work chat groups With the advancement of technology, we are constantly being introduced to new modes of communication, both personal and professional. Most of these are designed to make our lives easier, but what has made itself abundantly clear in my immediate social circles and further afield, is that [...]

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Your company in the digital space – are you attracting the best candidates?

It’s a well-known fact that employers and recruiters ‘Facebook stalk’ candidates online, but it goes both ways. Before a candidate clicks on the apply button, they Google your company name and even the person collecting the response. This is something you, as an employer, should be aware of. Let’s start with you as the recruiter. [...]

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How to find and be ready for the right job

Working in the recruitment industry, albeit creative Recruitment Advertising, I frequently receive emails and social media messages from job seekers asking if they can send me their CV. I always try to help where I can, of course. After all, we should always aim be kind to one another. And, why not? I have the [...]

  • How to write a recruitment Advert

How to write a recruitment advert

Print advertising is getting rather expensive and therefore you either need to keep your advert copy concise or advertise online. Whether you write for print or online, make sure you speak directly to the person reading your advert. Simply mentioning ‘the successful candidate’ puts doubt in the reader’s mind from the outset. Personalising your approach, [...]